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Jane payments

Jane Payments

With Jane Payments you can store customer cards on their profile, accept online booking pre-payments online, and send e-invoices to customers for outstanding balances.

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MailChimp is an online email marketing service for managing contacts, sending emails, and tracking results of your teams email campaigns.

Your customers in Jane will automatically be added to your MailChimp list if they have opted in to marketing emails. And if a customer unsubscribes from a MailChimp email, your Jane list will be automatically updated.



Physitrack is a platform and mobile app for healthcare and wellness practitioners to design high-quality home exercise programs and track patient adherence. Physitrack also offers secure telehealth for remote sessions and outcomes analysis.

Jane's Physitrack Integration allows you to quickly add a Jane patient profile to your Physitrack account, and automatically sign in and begin prescribing exercises.

Receive special pricing for Jane clients using our referral code (JANE30). Full integration instructions can be found in our guide above, and Clinic Plans are available for larger practices.


Bench - Online Bookkeeping

Bench is the online bookkeeping service that pairs you with a dedicated bookkeeping team and simple, elegant software to balance your books. Available for customers located in the US.

Sign Up with Bench using this link and receive 20% off your first 6 months.



FOTO is a web based patient assessment system that reports three primary functional status measures for your patient:

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association has selected FOTO to compile Canadian Physiotherapy outcomes to further advance the profession. CPA selected FOTO because it is the most experienced and sophisticated outcomes measuring and reporting system available. FOTO outcomes will assist CPA members with:

  • Improving Quality of Patient Care through Evidence Based Practice
  • Facilitating Research and Advocacy Opportunities
  • Marketing Services to Patients
Pacific blue cross

Pacific Blue Cross

Jane's Pacific Blue Cross integration enables real-time claim adjudication and payment for your patients in British Columbia. The integration allows you to submit a claim and receive a real-time response right from the schedule in Jane.



Teleplan is a government run electronic billing portal.

For customers in British Columbia, Canada, Jane can directly submit and track insurance billing for those insurers billing through Teleplan. Depending on your discipline this might include MSP, ICBC, and/or WSBC.

Medical claims are submitted for payment electronically through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Teleplan system.

Learn more about setting up for Teleplan billing in our Guide.

Google analytics

Google Analytics

Google requires little introduction. They offer an Analytics tool that can help track your website traffic, behaviour and online advertising efforts.

For those tracking analytics using Google's Analytics tool, Jane can include your Tracking ID through our integration to help you gather stats on your online booking site. This helps people looking to manage conversions defined as appointments that were booked online.


Calendar Subscriptions: iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, & Mobile Devices

Staff can view their Jane schedule (appointments and shifts) in any calendar app that supports the iCal format.

Jane provides a private Calendar URL that can be synched with an outside calendar where Jane will send appointment or shift information over to your calendar app. Important to note that this is a one way conversation - so changes made in your outside calendar will not be reflected back in Jane.