Jane's Values

Love Jane. Work Hard. Have Fun.

Love Jane

Love Jane: Jane the App

Number one. You gotta think Jane is the best. That can look different to different people, but essentially if anyone says anything negative about Jane you should feel like they just insulted your child, or your dog, or whomever you happen to hold near and dear to your heart.

This is the easiest way to love Jane. We design and build Jane for the experience of the user and that’s unusual in the medical software world. #iheartjane

Love Jane: Jane Customers

Jane customers are pretty great. Many of them are early adopters into a newish world of web based management systems and they’re growing patiently along with us as we release new features (and bugs) constantly and develop as fast as we possibly can. When working support it’s easy to get the impression that there are more problems than there really are. You get to be the voice of Jane with our customers - when they call us they are giving us the opportunity to create a stronger relationship with Jane, and that’s always a good thing! Our love for Jane’s customers means we don’t over sell, we care about the user experience and we build a product that actually meets their needs. It also means being curious. Always asking the why. Getting to the true heart of the question. Loving our customers means digging deep into their needs and solving for their actual problem. #askthewhy #alwayscurious

We call ourselves the “cool kids” of practice management software. Which is a very low threshold to meet ;) But Jane really does have the best clients in our space. They are forward thinking, adventurous, kind and patient. #janecommunity

Love Jane: Jane People

We’ve got each other’s backs. This is a part of the value that is still developing in how it’s communicated. It comes from the way we look at our Jane Team and their unique needs and life situation, and also how we work. Jane is a team. We work together towards a common goal, and that means we support each other. The culture is not one of blame or finger pointing, but collaboration and growth. #loveeachother

Love Jane: Jane the Company

For the record I hate coming up with Vision and Mission, but these are a pretty good way of communicating where we’re headed.

Our vision is that everyone using Jane is delighted by the experience - patients, admin staff, practitioners and owners. #delightedusers

Jane’s mission is to become the number one private practice management software for Allied Health the world over. #firstchoice

We want to do this by being helpful, simple, elegant, powerful, and bold. We don’t need to be like everyone else in this startup world, but are trying to solve problems and do what feels right for Jane. We say it’s like raising a family, where you do what works until it doesn’t work anymore and then you change it.

This means things are changing - constantly and quickly. We never want “because it’s always been done this way” or “because so-and-so said so” to be a reason behind a process, and we’re always asking “how do we get there from here?” In that question lies innate curiosity and openness to new ideas. We recognize that there is always more to do, new ways we could do it, and that where we are today is not the final answer! #alwayscurious 
#notdoneyet #askthewhy

To be successful at Jane this should be a vision and working environment that excites! We are not sitting still, but looking to grow and learn continuously. What a role looks like at Jane could be a bit ambiguous as we change quickly over time. Everyone needs to be comfortable with a bit of unknown, trying new things, and figuring it out as we go. #seejanegrow

Work Hard

With the vision of growth and the plan for expansion, everyone plays a crucial part in the running of Jane. When you love Jane, love the Customers and love the Company that naturally translates into a desire to contribute to the goal of evangelizing Jane out to the world.

Work hard because you love Jane.

And this takes a lot of work Tech and startups move fast! The startup world is not the best fit for everyone - to be successful at Jane you should appreciate a rapid pace at work. A work day filled with idleness and boredom should be a Jane staff’s nightmare.

Working hard means solving problems - not just questions. Know the customer. Do your research. Because you love Jane.

Have Fun

Enjoy your job, be curious, be funny.

While we consider this a value, we also recognize that it’s also not something that can be given as a task. Like telling someone to smile does not make them feel happy.

“Have Fun” is a litmus test for the health of Jane as a company and is an early indicator of problems for you as a team member and/or us as a company.

Stressed because of high volume or cranky customers? Bored in your role? Feeling under appreciated? If you’re not having fun there’s a problem somewhere and we need to fix it.

When you love Jane, and work hard you should be having fun! Note the exclamation mark? That means you’re having sooooo much fun.

Trevor and Alison often ask each other “still having fun?” Because if not, we need to change something. Our goal at Jane is that everyone feels as much joy in their work and their job as we do. You spend too much of your life here not to enjoy yourself :)

We also just like to have fun. Our team is filled with fantastic people and slack channels often have us laughing out loud. Or LOL as the cool kids used to say.


You better have read it 😉


Alison & Trevor

Jane is lovingly made and supported by an enthusiastic (and growing) team in North Vancouver, BC.

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