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Graphic Designer


Let’s get acquainted! I’m (we’re) Jane - a web-based platform for small healthcare practices. We have a team of 65 - mostly customer support who are championing Jane and our customers ! The support team is complimented by a group of diverse and lovely in-house devs building something amazing and a small operational team making everything tick, we are so lucky to work with a group of motivated, smart and hard working people. We don’t outsource anything at Jane - so whenever you need someone or something it’s all available.

Read our Values to see if you want to bother reading the rest of this post. More about the office and the people later!

What we’ve only just added is our Marketing Team. Well, team might be a little much really - it’s currently just me, Ashleah, the VP of Marketing.

I’ve been tasked with the exciting and important job of building out a group of people to continue the acceleration of Jane’s growth throughout North America, and around the world. So I could really use you!

Here’s what you’re starting with:

We’ve got a 5 year old website that is actually performing (surprisingly) well, but needs some real love and there’s about a million - give or take - ways you could help make it better. As I mentioned, we do not have a designer on our team - and yet, we are passionate about the deeply meaningful impact that brand and design has on Jane.

You don’t have to fight for the value of design or the importance of detail. We are right there with you already.

Your work here will all be connected and ongoing - and you will be able to easily see the value your work has on Jane’s growth and business goals, through website, print and online media channels. It’s all one story! We’d like for you to help us introduce Jane to the world with the most delightful focus on design and putting Jane’s best face forward… and Jane has a pretty nice face. So that helps.

We’re building Jane for the long term, and we know our brand must transcend product changes and rapid growth. You’ll ensure we stay true to our brand origin and that Jane is consistent across all of our storytelling.

Here are some things we’d like your help with over the next few weeks, months, and years:

  • Continuous improvement to our marketing site,, so it feels alive and fresh
  • Materials that speak to our diverse audiences across all communication channels
  • Support for anyone else in the business who needs visual/design help or inspiration
  • Making sure everything we put out is work we are proud of!

So, specifically, what are we looking for?

  • A knowledgeable designer who has created memorable experiences
  • A stickler for brand standards, in an environment of rapid growth
  • Just a generally good human that we like to work with


We’re a team of 65 people and our hiring plan has us at 100 by the end of the year. You’ll be part of helping us deliver a growth Marketing program through 2019 and beyond.

Look Us Up!

So that’s us! I’d love for you to read our Glassdoor page, our Story, and our Values document to get a feel for the type of company Jane is and hopes to become.

Above all, we care deeply about the customer heart, our team, and growing a sustainable and responsible business. We’d absolutely love to start a conversation about how your experience can contribute to Jane’s goals. We are so excited about welcoming you to our team.

Next Steps

If you want to get started, tell us your story. Reach out on LinkedIn or email

We’re a team of doers - come join us doing what make you proud!

Ashleah - VP Growth Marketing for Jane