Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

Customer Data Support Engineer

Jane is looking for someone who loves working with data! Jane has great customers and needs help from an experienced Ruby developer who can assist with user data import issues.

All job postings for tech start ups end up sounding the same, so we’ll try to communicate some specifics about what Jane is all about and see if this might be the kind of company you want to be part of.

Jane’s a North Vancouver company that has been growing out of our own revenue for over 4 years — we’re profitable and not dependent on fundraising.

Because we are not in the VC world, Jane isn’t always flashy in the tech news, but because we want people like you to be excited to apply, we’ll tell you about some recent wins.

The Globe and Mail ranked us 46th out of 400 in their list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies and we’re currently second on Business In Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Companies in BC rankings. That’s fun, but fast growth needs to be balanced with scaling a healthy company and team. And that’s where we get really excited.

Jane values flexibility, autonomy, and mastery in a relaxed North Vancouver setting where you get to work with great people — and because Jane is led by co-founders who did all the original development and customer support of Jane, we know what makes a great work environment for coders and for the team supporting our customers.

We are hyper focused on happy staff and happy customers as a means to a thriving and growing business.

Jane offers sane hours, competitive salaries, and great benefits. More than that, we offer a chance to help build something special, which we back up with an employee stock option plan that ensures that everyone has a chance to share in Jane’s success.

Our devs get to really own the projects they’re working on from beginning to end. We’re focusing a lot on code quality and getting to nerd out on exploring the best possible ways to build things. At the same time, we’re moving fast: releasing updates daily and being really responsive to what we’re hearing from our users.

Jane’s road map is exciting. Well, we think so. From integrating Jane with various insurance companies all over the world, to introducing new features like secure HIPAA-compliant chat, to data-sciencing the massive amounts of data we’re accumulating and providing cool insights to our users, we’ve got a lot of great projects on the go.

To contribute to social distancing efforts, our team is currently fully remote until we can re-open safely. As such, this role is work-from-home to start but with the expectation that you’ll join us in-office when safe to do so.

Jane has a pretty great office in North Vancouver. Being located at the base of the North Shore mountains means that after-work mountain biking and snowboarding is super easy. Some of us even manage an early morning trail run before starting the day.

We’ve got a ridiculously good coffee program and we tend to celebrate frequently with good food and drinks.

Our product team also has flexibility around their hours. Traffic sucks, so we don’t want people sitting in it. Some choose to start early, some start late and work late. Some do a split shift for a midday brain break. We’re open to figuring out a schedule that works.

Some things you’ll be working on:

  • Massage and manipulate data from disparate sources to support complicated imports for new customers
  • Work closely with Import Specialists and Customer Service to diagnose and remediate customer data issues
  • Work closely with Import Specialists and Customer Service to estimate and communicate timelines
  • Build, maintain, and enhance Jane’s import tooling
  • Collaborate in design, build, testing, and roll out of new data management features

So what are we specifically looking for?

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails and Active Record
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • RegExp wizardry
  • Comfortable navigating *nix environments and a variety of CLI, data manipulation tools like awk, grep, and sed
  • Comfortable with git’s more advanced features like interactive rebases
  • Pretty much a SQL ninja
  • Work great on your own but even better as part of a team
  • Able to break down complex problems in smaller tasks and provide estimates
  • Tireless attention to detail with a cautious measure-twice-cut-once nature

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with Agile development processes
  • Previous experience working with confidential information

If you’re interested in knowing more about Jane and the opportunity to work here, let’s arrange for a safe and socially-responsible video call.

Next Steps

If you want to get started, tell us your story. Reach out on LinkedIn or email