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UK Insurance Step 3 - Insuring a Visit, Billing, & Receiving Payment 🇬🇧

This guide is a bit more detailed, so you might want to grab a cuppa before settling into this one. ☕️

Insuring a Visit

Whenever you book an appointment, you’ll be given the option to use any open insurance policies for that patient. 

If the patient doesn’t have their insurance policy set up yet, you’ll need to add the policy after the visit is booked by opening the “Insurance Info” section in the Appointment Pane.  

Next, click the “Add Policy” button and either choose the claim or create a new one by clicking “Add New Policy.” 

(See UK Insurance Step 1 - Setting up Insurers and UK Insurance Step 2 - Creating a Patient Policy.

Billing a Visit

You can open up the “Insurance Info” area again to confirm or edit the billing associated coverage with this claim.

From here, you can enter an amount in the Max Amount Field, % Coverage Field or Deductible/Excess Field to let Jane know what your insurer will be covering as well as what the patient will be paying:

Once you Arrive the Appointment Jane will generate 2 invoices for you, 1 for the Insurer, and 1 for the Patient:

Submitting & Receiving Payment From an Insurer

When you are ready to submit a patient claim to your insurer you can Mark a Claim as Submitted and Record the Insurer Payment in Detail right from the Appointment Pane > Insurance Info > Click the Arrow next to your Policy:

You can also access this area from the Patient’s Profile > Billing > Click the View Button

Our recommended Workflow for Marking Invoices as Submitted in Jane and generating Insurer Invoices it to head to the Billing tab > Unsubmitted Folder > Filter & Select the Invoices you have Submitted > Click Mark as Submitted:

Click the Invoices Button to generate an Insurer Invoice:

To Receive Payment from an Insurer you can either record the payment per patient as pictured above or head to the Billing tab > Select the Insurance Folder > Click New Payment:

From here fill in your New Payment information and click Next to Apply Payment to the appropriate invoices:

Lastly, click the Apply Button next to the invoices you would like to connect part of your new payment to:


Here is a detailed video made by our lovely UK team member Jamie to take you through this process:

UK Insurance Step 2: Insured Appointments and Billing from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.