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UK Insurance Step 2 - Creating a Patient Policy 🇬🇧

Once you have Set up your Insurer Folders in Jane you can get cracking with creating your Patient Policies. ​

To do this you can either hop over to your Patient’s Profile or create a policy right from the Appointment Pane. ​ ​

From the Patient Profile

From the Patient Profile, you can begin by heading to the Billing tab > Click Insurance Policies > Click New Insurance Policy.

From the Appointment

If you would like to enter a patient’s insurance information from the main diary, follow the steps below:

1) Click on the patient’s appointment on the Diary

2) In the Appointment Pane, scroll down and click to open the Insurance Info area

3) Click on the “Add Policy” button, and then select “Add New Policy”

Regardless of which way you start, the process from here is the same.

First up, select the Insurance Provider for the patient:

Next, give the Insurance Policy a name – this is internal and should be useful in identifying the policy.

  • The only mandatory information is the Claim Number and for insurers that don’t use claim numbers, you can use the patients NHS number or another unique identifier.

  • Enter any other information you’d like to record or track on the policy.  You can always return to this later to fill in more details.

  • The Default Coverage Amounts section allows you to save the amount an insurer is going to cover either as a percentage or monetary value.

Saving a default coverage amount in a patient’s policy will let Jane know to prepopulate this amount each time the policy is added to an appointment which is a great time saver!

  • You can also save a Patient’s Excess(Deductible) amount for this policy either as an annual or per-visit amount and Jane will remember this too.

  • Click Save, and you’re all set.

The New Insurance Policy will now show up under the patient’s Insurance Policies area.

  • Or in the Appointment window:

Here is a video to run through How to Add Insurance Policies to Patient Accounts made by Jamie, our lovely geordie from the UK support team:

UK - Add Insurance Policies from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.

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Hope this helps!

Written by Javia - UK Support Team