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UK Insurance Step 1 - Setting up Insurers 🇬🇧

The first step in creating an insurance policy is to first create the insurer provider folder. To do this, you will want to be logged in as a Full Access user or Administrative Staff/All Billing Access user.

Creating an Insurer

To add an insurance provider to your account you can head to the main Settings tab > Insurers > Click New Insurer:

Next click the Arrow to create your insurance provider folder:

From here fill in the name of the insurer (required) and any other information such as the insurer’s address and contact info.

Billing Portals

You may also enter a third party billing portal if appropriate such as Bupa. This will allow you to launch the portal directly for claim submissions.

You can view some more information about managing claims and portals on this guide: Working with Claim Submissions - Online Insurer Portals

Determining the Patient’s Fee

Next, you’ll want to set how the patient is going to be billed.

For our UK & European clinics, we recommend leaving the “User Fee” and the “Patient Pays Remaining” fields blank as a default to allow for flexibility when billing to the patient.

You will also want to leave “Display Co-Pay Field” unticked, as this is an American feature that isn’t typically used in the UK.

You can go ahead and tick the “Display Deductible field” box, as this is where you can enter the patient’s excess. The “Display % Coverage Field” is also a useful one to keep ticked:

Here is a short video with step-by-step instructions on how to best set up your Insurance Provider Folders made by our very own UK support team member Jamie! 😃:

UK – Setting Up Insurers from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.

If you have any questions along the way, please email us at support@janeapp.com to discuss your options.


Written by Javia - UK Support Team