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Debit Request (Return Payment to Teleplan)

Say an insured visit was billed and paid for incorrectly through Teleplan, or you need to change the payer for an invoice. You can use the Debit Requests feature to send any payment back through Teleplan. Here’s how:

To create a debit request, start in the Billing Tab:

Go to the “Approved” section:

Find the invoice line you’d like to refund back to Teleplan. You can filter by practitioner and/or date range to facilitate your search:

Now use the drop down area to select the “Create Debit Request”.

Here, you’ll be prompted to enter the reason for the Debit Request.

Once you’ve entered the reason, your Debit Request will be in the “Unsubmitted Electronic” area and can be submitted in the same manner as your regular Electronic Claims. See Sending Teleplan Claims for more information.