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Deactivating a Practitioner

We know you never like to see them go, but from time to time practitioners move on from your practice.

There’s a few things to keep in mind when removing a practitioner from your active list.

Should I delete or de-activate?

  • You cannot delete a practitioner if they have any signed charts or upcoming appointments.

  • Deleting a profile should be reserved for user profiles created in error which have no related data in Jane (so has never really been used)

  • A profile with any activity (charts, appointments, notes or billing information) should be marked as “inactive” in the “Permissions & Commissions” section of the staff profile - even if the practitioner does not intend on returning.

Wait a sec! Before marking as inactive

To avoid confusion when a patient walks in your door, Jane will always show a practitioner’s schedule if they have appointments booked - even if the practitioner is marked as “inactive.” So if your practitioner has appointments booked into the future at the time of de-activation, you will want to address those appointments.

To see if there are any future appointments, you can run the “appointment” report found under Reports. You can choose to filter the report by practitioner and date range to find the relevant appointments. Just remember to do this before you mark the practitioner as inactive, or they will no longer show up as a filter option.

The one other thing that can be a good safety measure is to de-select the practitioner from their “Enable Online Booking” setting in their Staff Profile (Staff - Choose Practitioner - Edit - Online Booking)

What does marking as “inactive” do?

When you mark a practitioner as inactive they retain access to their account as a Patient. So your practitioner can still use their login to access their patient account and book appointments in the same way as any other patient in your database.

They will immediately lose all access to the Admin Side of your Jane account.

Can I still access my inactive practitioners?

Yes! From the Staff tab you can use the drop down at the top of the staff list to choose “Show Inactive Staff” to include your de-activated practitioners in your staff list. From there, you can select an inactive staff profile and choose to re-activate them (if they return to work or you need to run reports) or view any details you have entered in their profile.

Can I provide my practitioner with a patient list?

If you would like to provide your practitioner with a list of their patients, you can export a list from Reports - List. Filter by the practitioner and date range and export to excel.

So… how do I mark someone as inactive or delete them?

That’s important here! You will need to have full access, then head over to the practitioner’s profile. Hit “Edit/Settings” or “Edit” to access their details:

And then go to the “Permissions & Commissions” tab. Deselect the “Active” checkbox, then hit “Save.”

Or, if you’re Deleting a staff profile made in error, you can click on “Edit/ Settings” and scroll to the very bottom of their profile and choose “Delete Staff Member”

If you have any other questions about this or anything else we’d love to help! Use the Help button from within your Jane account or email us at support@janeapp.com.