Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Special Notes

If you have notes that you want to stay “sticky” to a patient Jane has a special star system.

A Note on Notes :)

Notes only show up internally in Jane. So notes you put on an appointment, patient, profile, invoice or anywhere else with a section called “notes” is only administrative.

Creating a Note

You can create a note on an appointment by clicking on the appointment to open the “edit” pane.

Once the note section expands, you can add text to the blue text box, and your note will preview below and include who created the note, when it was created, and what appointment it was attached to.

This note is only for this one appointment. It will not follow the patient around Jane but belongs just to this single appointment.

Marking Notes Important

If you want the note to display on all appointments for this patient, click the star:

Now the note will follow the patient through Jane, will be highlighted orange, and will stay at the top of a list of notes.

You will know there’s a note from the schedule because of the “speech bubble” that shows up on the appointment, and hovering over the appointment will make the note appear directly on the appointment.

Change a Note to a Task

Did you notice that talk bubble just to the left of the star? Click that to change the note to a task. The following edit screen will open where you can describe the task, choose a due date, and assign to a staff member:

Read more about tasks here: Tasks or To Dos

Removing a Starred Note

Just click the star again to remove the Important tag and the note will no longer follow the patient around.

Some Common Uses for Starred Notes

People use notes for many reasons and often it’s administrative such as “always late” or with an important end date you would like everyone to remember.

Starred notes can also be used to track package usage or remind of an adjustment.