Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Setting up Treatments

Jane wants to make sure that the language on your clinic’s schedule actually matches the services provided.

In this Guide document, we’ll go ahead and refer to the service a clinic offers as Treatments, but Jane lets you choose what to call yours. Scroll down to the Terminology section of this Customizing Jane document for more information on how to set that up.

Now, as for actually setting up your treatments…Jane’s got more choices for you.

Appointment Type

You’ll have the option to create an Online Appointment (Telehealth) or an In-Person Appointment.

To learn more about Jane’s Online Appointments, click here.

Selecting the Staff Member

There are two different categories of Treatments you can set up for your clinic and therefore two different places in Jane you will go to create and modify each:

  1. Clinic-wide Shared Treatments
  2. Practitioner-specific treatments, called My Treatments

Each type behaves differently on the online booking page, so you’ll want to review both before deciding how to set up your clinic.

1 - Shared Treatment

The first type of treatment is the discipline-wide or Shared Treatment. This type of treatment can be booked online when the patient wants to choose the treatment type first. (If you have no Shared treatments, then the patient would start by selecting a practitioner.)

Shared treatments are created and edited by a Full Access user in the Settings area under the Offerings section found on the left-hand side menu.

Note: if your clinic has chosen to call your services Sessions, this menu will say Sessions & Classes instead of Treatments & Classes - and the same if you decide to call your services something else.

When you create a new service for your clinic, you have a choice to either create a Standard Treatment (1 patient) or a Class Booking (2 or more patients).

For more on Class Bookings, head here: Classes or Group Booking

Under Discipline and Staff Member, the dropdown arrow allows you to choose which Discipline this treatment falls under. If you don’t see the Discipline in the list that applies to this treatment, you may need to work on creating additional Disciplines.

Continuing filling in all the details you need to identify the treatment, including Treatment Length, Scheduled Length, Price, and Income Category, and then click Create Treatment:

Pro Tip: You can set your Scheduled Length shorter or longer than the Treatment Length in order to allow for staggered booking or clinic-wide post-treatment breaks. You can learn more about Setting Up Staggered Appointments and Setting Up Post Treatment Breaks in our handy guides.

Note: you only need to choose to assign a Treatment to a staff member if they will be the only one to offer this Treatment in a shared Discipline. For example, if you are a solo practitioner using Jane, you wouldn’t need to assign Treatments to yourself ;) We’ll talk about this more below.

Shared Treatments will display in Online Booking as a Book by Treatment option for the Discipline.

Note: Only those practitioners who have opted-in to the Discipline for the Shared Treatment will have their schedules show up in this Book by Treatment portion of online booking.

If a client selects a shared discipline treatment on the main online booking page, they’ll see a full week of availability.  And if they select a time slot, it will open a pop-up showing which staff are offering that time slot.

Pro Tip: You can also click the date at the top of each column to view practitioner availability side by side:

Whew! That was the first way to set up treatments. Let’s move on to the second.

2 - Treatment for One Practitioner

The second type of treatment you can create is specific to one practitioner and referred to as My Treatment under that Staff Member’s Profile.

You can populate treatments in this area to behave uniquely for each practitioner. You can have the same treatment (i.e. a 30 minute treatment) but charge different amounts, or you can have different scheduled lengths for the same treatment (60 minutes or 75 minutes, for example).

Here’s how you create a treatment for one practitioner:

First, you need to create the treatment under your clinic settings:

Settings > Offerings > Treatments & Classes, click the New Treatment button:

Assign the Discipline the Treatment falls under and this time you MUST be sure to assign a Staff Member to the Treatment:

Continuing filling in all the details you need to identify the treatment, including Length, Price, and Income Category, and then click Create Treatment:

To make sure the treatment was assigned properly, head to the Staff Profile you assigned the Treatment to - in this example, we assigned the treatment to “Clara Weber”:

Once in the Staff Profile, you will see the treatment under My Treatments:

These treatments are unique to the practitioner. They will not show up in the book by treatment option, nor can other practitioners “opt in” to these treatments. They will, however, show up in Online Booking under that Staff Member’s Profile, if they’ve enabled Online Booking, like this:

Managing Shared Treatments Offered by a Staff Member

Sometimes a staff member will practice the same Discipline as their colleagues but may choose to not offer all of the Treatments contained within their Discipline. In this case, you may find yourself needing to disable specific Treatments offered by that staff member. This can be done by going to the Staff Member’s Profile > Treatments & Classes. Under the staff member’s Shared Treatments, flip the slider to the left to disable the selected treatment.

Choosing Which Treatments to Display in Online Booking

When offering online booking to your customers, you will want to know all of your options so we’ve created a handy guide to break those options down: Choosing What is Offered Online.

Be sure to contact us if you need further help :)