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Advanced Shift Scheduling - Beta

Advanced Shift Scheduling is a handy new tool for creating multiple shifts, across multiple days, and for multiple staff members, all at one time and all from within a single screen. Amazing!

Advanced Shift Scheduling

To access the Advanced Shift Scheduling functionality, simply use the dropdown menu next to the shifts button (pictured above) and select Advanced Shift Scheduling from the options.

Shift Scheduling Options:

Advanced Shift Scheduling: This feature allows users to create, update, and remove shifts from the schedule. Users will want to pay very close attention to the date range they are navigating from and to the dates and staff members that are selected within the Advanced Shift Scheduling modal when making updates to the schedule, so as not to inadvertently create or remove shifts from a time period or a staff member they had not intended to modify.

Edit Individual Shifts: This functionality has a new name but is the same old shift scheduling and updating functionality you know and love. Users can still use this functionality to update a single shift or every shift for a given day within a series. When making a change to a single shift or a series, Jane will still give the user the option to apply it to one or all of the shifts within the series selected.

If you want to make your shifts bookable online, assign the shift to a room, add a note, or add a tag to your shifts, simply click on the Advanced Shift Scheduling menu.

Advanced Shift Scheduling Menu

If your shift repeats throughout the week, simply use the copy icon and select the days you want to copy those shifts to, then click the blue Copy Times button.

Advanced Shift Scheduling Copy

Exciting New Uses for Advanced Shift Scheduling:

Holidays and Vacations: We can use the Advanced Shift Scheduling tool to update or remove shifts when we need to adjust the schedule to accommodate for a reduced holiday schedule, to block out the schedule for clinic-wide closures, and to block out the schedule for staff member time off.

Here is how:

  • Navigate to the week view containing the shifts you wish to remove or update.
  • Use the drop-down menu and select Advanced Shift Scheduling.
  • Check to be sure that the dates you wish to apply an update to are selected in the date fields.
  • Click the ‘X’ next to any shift or shifts you wish to fully remove from the schedule. Or you can use the dropdown selector to modify the start or end time of a shift to shorten it.
  • Be sure to check off all the staff members that these changes should apply to.
  • Click Apply Shift Schedule.

Repeating Breaks: Because scheduling multiple shifts in a day is so quick and easy with Advanced Shift Scheduling, you can now rely on the white space in your schedule to set a repeating break.

Pro Tip: Our break functionality isn’t going anywhere, so if you need to add a note to the white space, you can always use the “Repeat Every Day with a Shift” Break functionality to quickly add a break overtop that whitespace and add your desired notes to the break. You can learn more about using Breaks in Jane in our guide.


  • Advanced Shift Scheduling was designed to be used on a desktop or in the horizontal view of your tablet. Jane does not currently offer Advanced Shift Scheduling on mobile.

Advanced Shift Scheduling is currently in Beta Testing. If your clinic would be interested in volunteering to test our new Advanced Shift Scheduling feature, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or by emailing Support.

Happy Scheduling!