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Chargebacks & payment disputes

What’s a chargeback / payment dispute?

Any cardholder can initiate a chargeback, also known as a payment dispute, by asking their bank or card provider (whatever institution they got their card from) to reverse the charge. This can happen for a few different reasons. Perhaps they don’t recognize your clinic name on their credit card statement, or maybe they believe they were charged twice (or more) for the same/product or treatment.

The chargeback process helps protect cardholders, but can also be a bit of a challenge for your practice. The Jane Team is here to help and support you through this process, but the final decision or outcome of a dispute is made by your client’s bank. Although, we’d love to have a stronger influence on these decisions, our role in this process is to help guide you, and/or communicate supporting evidence and documentation on your behalf.

What happens during a chargeback?

  1. If your client doesn’t recognize a charge on their credit card statement, or otherwise wishes to start a payment dispute, they’d contact their bank or card provider.
  2. Your client’s card provider then reaches out to your payment processor, such as Square or Stripe, who contacts you, the clinic.
  3. Your payment processor helps you submit a formal response to the chargeback, including receipts, communication, or any other documents to prove that it was a valid transaction.
  4. Your client’s card provider then reviews this response, in conjunction with the client’s reasoning for the payment dispute. This step can take 2-3 months!
  5. The client’s bank or card provider then determines where that payment ends up: staying in your bank account, or back to their client’s bank account.

I received a chargeback for an in-app payment through Stripe

If you’ve received a chargeback for an in-app Jane Payment processed through Stripe, the Jane Team will send you an email with the details, and a suggested course of action. We’ll then submit any documentation, which will vary depending on the circumstances of the chargeback, directly to your client’s bank or card provider.

Although the Jane Team can provide advice, as well as help you collect and submit documentation, we don’t make the final decisions on payment disputes. If a payment dispute is ultimately not found in your favour, the bank or card provider will return the payment to their customer (your client), and debit the funds from your next payout.

I received a chargeback for an in-person payment on Square Terminal

If you’ve received a payment dispute for a payment processed through Square Terminal, you’ll action this directly through your Square Dashboard. Square has some more details on this process in their Payment Disputes Walkthrough article.

General FAQs

Can I just refund my patient instead?#####

Since your client has asked for a refund directly through their bank or card provider, you won’t be able to process a refund through Jane. We can help you do this though, we just need to process the refund through the very rigid process card providers have for payment disputes.

Does Jane Payments have a chargeback/payment dispute fee?#####

Nope! Chargebacks are already a challenge. We don’t want to charge you a fee and make it worse. We don’t currently charge any fees for chargebacks for in-app payments through Stripe, nor in-person payments on Square Terminal.

How do I respond to a chargeback/payment dispute?#####

The Jane Team will work with you on this, and submit a response on your behalf. Each chargeback is unique, and will require different types of documentation, which is why we help you out!