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Patient Relationships

Sometimes your customer wants emails sent to multiple addresses - often regarding a child’s profile where both parents should receive email communication.

Jane’s relationships feature can help you link patient accounts together by adding a relationship.

These linked profiles can also be used to send a copy of email reminders or receipts to more than one party.

To setup a relationship, go to the main client’s profile under the “Patients” tab at the top of Jane.

Search for and open the profile for the main patient. Next, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the profile to the Relationship section:

Click the Add button to create a new relationship.

A screen will pop up asking you to search for the patient you want to link this profile to:

Start typing the name of a patient that already has a profile in Jane. (If you are trying to link the patient profile to a person that doesn’t yet have a profile in Jane, we should back up a bit. Jane can only link patients to one another if they both have patient profile inside Jane.) :)

Once you’ve searched for the patient, there are 3 more steps:

1 - Use the drop down arrow to define that relationship

2 - Use the check boxes to decide on which copies of communications they will receive:

  • Appointment Emails – Booking Notifications, Reminders etc.
  • Financial Emails – Receipts, Balance Owing, & Statements

3 - Click the Jane-blue check mark to finalize your choices and save this relationship to the patient’s profile. (If you want to remove a relationship, get to this point and click the red trash can.)