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My Account - Your patient/client portal

Patients have access to a My Account area when they set up their account with you (if they visit other clinics using Jane, they would have a separate account there). This account area can be accessed by logging in from your Jane booking site or after completing the booking process. For more on how to help your patients get logged into their My Account page click here.

There are several actions that can be taken from within the patient/client’s My Account section:

Upcoming Appointments

Clients can view and manage their upcoming appointments. Clients will also access and join their online appointments from this section.

Based on the settings in your account, they can cancel online, or reschedule their visit. Jane will always display any appointments within your cancellation period as “contact to cancel” as there is likely a charge incurred with cancellation during this time frame.

Note that all appointments (even within the late cancellation period) can be cancelled online within a 5 minute grace period of the booking being made. This is to allow for booking errors.

Online Appointments

Click the blue Begin button to join the online appointment.

For more on Online Appointments, click here.

Appointment History

As you’d expect, this is a listing of their past appointments. Financial information (such as receipts) are not available within the portal, but clients can review their treatment history here to ensure they’ve submitted all their receipts to their extended benefits or to get an overview of their treatment history with your practice.

Intake Forms

If there are eligible forms to be completed, they will be available here. For the intake form to be prompted, Jane needs to know that the client is eligible for the form either because it was sent out manually or the client has booked an appointment that would prompt the form to be sent automatically.

You can learn all about intake forms by clicking here.


You can share chart entries with clients from within their chart, and they will show up here in the Patient Portal. This is especially helpful for things like exercise programs, progress reports, or treatment plans. You can learn about sharing entries with a patient here or about sharing treatment plans here.

Contact Info

Demographic info, as well as whether they’d like to be opted in for marketing emails (which is a setting that dictates whether or not they are listed on your marketing email list report), can also be found here.


Clients can come to their My Account area to update their username and password and also to view all of their current active sessions. This means the devices and browsers on which they’ve signed in. This can be handy for staff as well, and can always be accessed here.

Google, Facebook & Twitter

If you offer social logins, clients can come here to link OR UNLINK social profiles.

It’s great to note that staff members also have this “My Account” area and it can always be accessed from the drop down under your name at the top right of the screen.

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