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Intake Forms

Hey Jane community, some of the images in this guide have disappeared on us and we haven’t had a chance to fix them yet. Sorry for any inconvenience! The video above is all good though, so it might be easier to skip through that for now. We’ll work on getting this guide back in tip-top shape ASAP. Thanks for your patience. 💙

This guide is broken down into the following steps. You can run through them in order, or jump to a specific section below:

But first… How do intake forms work?

You can create an online intake form for your entire clinic, a specific discipline, certain practitioners, or an appointment type, to be sent out to your patients when:

  • They book an appointment through online booking
  • They book an appointment directly with your front-desk staff
  • You or your staff manually send the intake form

The intake form is not automatically sent out: when a patient/client opens an online account through your online booking page. It is also not sent along with the welcome email. Intake forms are strictly attached to appointments.

If more than one intake form is automatically triggered as a result of a booking, Jane will combine the intake forms together for the patient to complete.

Further, if the relevant intake forms are not completed, Jane will continue to prompt users to fill out the intake form on all email communication sent out before the patient’s initial appointment.

Once you have an intake form created in your account, you will also see an “Email Intake Form” button in the Patient’s Profile. You will also be given the option to Fill in the Intake Form in Clinic, either by entering their information administratively or by passing a device to the patient. This will load up the intake form and lock the patient out of the rest of Jane. The staff member will have to re-enter their password to access Jane’s administrative side.

Jane tells you which versions of the intake form the patient has completed, if any are pending, and gives you the option to send any forms, one at a time.

Creating an Intake Form

Jane users with Full Access can access the form-building area in Settings. There is an “Intake Form” area on the left-hand side. Intake forms are made up of five parts: General, Appointment Type, Profile Fields, Questionnaires and Consents.

Looking to really dive in? Check out our Intake Forms Workshop and follow along as we convert a PDF intake form into an Intake Form in Jane!

1. General

The first tab, “General,” allows you to choose all the details of your intake form and determine who gets notified that they should fill it out and when that notification happens.

First, choose the name of your Intake Form:

When do you want your intake form to be sent out? You have two options:

1 - Automatically prompt patients who have not filled out this form

2 - Send Manually

The next area is important to understand. If you would like ALL PATIENTS (not just first-timers to be prompted to fill in the questionnaire as of a certain date you can set that here. If it’s blank then it will just be new patients to the clinic or practitioner that are automatically asked to complete the form.

You can require that all new patients fill out the intake form for their first booking after a certain date even if they have previously filled out an intake form. Leave this field blank to not require patients who have already visited the clinic to fill out an intake form.

You can choose to have patients fill out an intake form if they haven’t been in for a certain period of time.

Note: currently the shortest “Valid For” period we have is 3 days. If your clients are booking appointments more frequently then the 3-day time frame, it’s important to note Jane will not ask them to complete this Intake Form again.

It’s also good to know that when the same intake form is sent to a client, it does not override the first completed form, but creates an additional saved Intake each time the client completes it.

Clients will have 24 hours to update the latest intake form they are completing.

You can also send the intake form with a description so that patients know why they are receiving your request to fill it out, the type of information you’ll be collecting, and how it will be used

2. Appointment Type

Here you can choose which appointments you want this intake form to be sent out to.

Want the form to go out based on a discipline? You can choose “Specific Discipline” and select a discipline you have set up:

Want the form to go out for a certain staff member? You can choose “Specific Staff Member” and select any single staff member:

Want the form to go out based on the treatment? You can choose “Specific Treatments” and select the treatments on the list:

If you have a clinic-wide form (by choosing “All Appointments”) this version of the form will be sent to every patient, and then you can add discipline or practitioner additions. So be careful not to double up on information if you have a clinic-wide questionnaires as well as specific questionnaires. If you do not have any clinic-wide versions of the form then patients will only be prompted to fill out the relevant assigned questionnaire.

3. Patient Profile Fields

You can choose which parts of the patient profile you would like to collect directly from your patient. Just check the boxes to include that field in the intake form. These fields will be recorded in the Patient Profile. Any field that Jane already knows will be automatically populated so the patient can either update or just continue as is appropriate.

You can also choose whether the fields are mandatory or optional. Jane will always ask for First Name, Last Name and Email, but the rest of the fields can be optional or required.

4. Intake Questionnaire

To add in question fields to your form, click the “Questionnaires” tab.

The information you collect in this part of the intake form will be saved directly to the patient’s chart as their first chart entry. The name you choose will display in the patient’s chart and is how you will be able to identify the form. Therefore, you’ll want to name this part of your form something, such as “General Health Questionnaire,” so it can be easily identified amongst your other chart entries.

You can build an intake questionnaire using the same tools as building a chart template - note fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.

You can either use the drop-down arrow for quick access to the questionnaire parts:

Or, you can click “Add Item” for more options:

A form builder will appear where you can see all clickable icons representing all the individual parts you have to choose from to build your questionnaire. You’ll also see options at the top that will help you build the questionnaire using templates:

“Templates” will open all the forms that have been built already within your clinic. Clicking on any of these will allow you to use those forms, exactly as they were built, or you can adjust them to fit your specific needs.

“Add from Template Library” brings up a sidebar that allows you to choose from any of the chart templates that practitioners across disciplines have created and shared in Jane’s Chart Template Library.

When using these templates to build an intake questionnaire, keep in mind that there are some chart parts that make sense for clinical charting in the treatment room, but not for intake forms. Spine, Body Chart, Upload, Vitals, Chief Complaint and Sketch are automatically removed from a template before it is added to an intake form in the questionnaire builder. If you choose a template that has one of these inadmissible components, you’ll see an error message like this:

Simply click “Yes, Continue,” to open the remaining components of the template and carry on building your intake form.

After the components are added, you are able to select individual items to edit the contents. This allows you to customize the language, options, and set the field to be required to be filled.

Once you have all the components inserted and edited to meet your clinic’s needs, click “Save Intake Form.”

All of the intake questionnaires will now show up as a list under Settings > Intake Forms.

One note on building questionnaires: Jane will create a separate chart entry for each questionnaire that you create. Most practices will find it best to place all the questions within a single questionnaire.

5. Consents

We start you off with a few standard consents, but feel free to edit, delete or add as is appropriate for your clinic. If you have a single statement you can leave the “Text” portion blank (like “The above information is true and accurate”), or for a more detailed policy you can include details in the “Text” area.

Leave the disagree option blank to make agreeing mandatory.

Require Signature Setting

Your clients can even provide an electronic signature when completing their Intake Form by enabling the Require Signature Setting.

We have a handy guide on Requiring a Signature that goes into detail on how to enable this setting, what your clients will experience, and even provides tips and tricks for managing the intake forms of clients who may have already completed their intake form or still have one pending, just in case you collected a few before learning about this great feature. ; )

📸 Collect Client Insurance Information

(for accounts with insurance features only)

For those using Jane’s insurance features, there is an additional step that can be enabled to collect insurance information from your clients.

You’ll notice a tab called Insurance Information in your intake form set up. Selecting this tab will open the below window:

Including this step allows a client to upload images of their insurance card and enter in their policy details for a list of insurers of your choosing. The policy details provided by a client in the completed intake form will be converted into an insurance policy that will need to be reviewed and approved before billing.

We have a handy guide about Collecting Insurance Information in Intake Forms that goes into detail on how to enable this step, what your clients will experience, and how to work with the details provided by clients.

Preview & Other Features

From your list of questionnaires (or just one finished questionnaire if you only have one), you can Duplicate, use the up & down arrow to change the order the questionnaires appear in your list, preview a questionnaire you made, or edit them:

Here’s an example of our Intake Form created in our Demo Clinic when clicking “Preview”:

As always, let us know if you need any help!