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Couples or Related Groups - Booking, Billing, Charting and Notifications

There are times (typically with counsellors) that you want to work with more than one person at a time, but it’s not a class or drop-in style group. This would be for things like marriage or family counselling or even couple massages where you need to book multiple people in for a single session or treatment. You would NOT want to work with Jane’s Class Booking feature in this case as there would be the potential of unrelated participants booking in together.

When building this workflow into Jane, we looked at how couple or family counselling works when therapists are Paper Charting.

Typically when paper charts were used, a therapist would have one chart for one individual of the couple (Julia Jones) and another chart for the other individual (Jonah Jones) and then a joint chart for when they came in together (Julia and Jonah Jones).

So when we looked at how that translates to electronic records and booking, we recommend a similar approach using multiple profiles.

If you consider each profile as you would a chart, you can create 3 profiles:

Because profiles are used for charting, booking, billing and notifications and reminders - there’s a few things to consider when you look at how to best manage couples or families in your practice.

Let’s look at the two ways you can manage couple bookings:

Option One: Couples Profile

Booking on the Schedule

You can book a single session with the couple profile.

This is helpful for only having to book one appointment to include both members of the couple. Clients can use this double profile to book online and capture that they will be coming together.

When you are setting up the profiles for clients, it’s a good idea to have them set up their login for all of their profiles at once so that it’s easy for them to book in under the appropriate profile.


The receipt for this visit will be issued in both clients name if you use it for billing, and you can arrive and take payment from this single appointment. There is only one profile so only one invoice will be created which will name both participants.


You can use the relationship feature in Jane to set up copies of notifications, reminders, and receipts if applicable.

This would involve setting up those individual profiles for the couple and then copying them from the couple’s profile.

Note You would need to choose an email for the primary profile in order for relationship emails to work - so usually one of the couple would have their email address in the primary profile, and you’d add a single relationship.


You can chart under this combined couple chart directly from your Day Sheet.


This can be difficult if one of the couple cancels the appointment (especially if they are able to cancel online) but the other person still would have liked to attend.

Option Two: Individual Profiles

Booking on the Schedule

The second option is to double book appointments on the schedule with the individual profiles. If people are booking online they would just book under one of their profiles, and you can add the second profile when they arrive.

To double book on a computer you can click “D” on your keyboard to squish the appointments together and give you room for a secondary booking:

To double book on a mobile device, you can book the second appointment in an available spot on the schedule and then edit the start time of the appointment during the booking process:


You will need to zero out the price of one of the sessions to avoid overcharging. You can arrive both sessions so that there is an accurate appointment history.

To zero out a session you can either apply a One Off Adjustment to the visit

Or you can manually override the invoice to zero.

From there you can make changes to the invoice:

Use this same method of accessing the invoice to include information on the invoice to be paid about who attended the session if applicable.


Reminders and notifications will be sent to both profiles, and you can cancel one of the appointments and keep the other.


Some people will choose to chart from a shared profile as noted in option one (which they would access through the main patient tab).

Others will chart on one profile duplicate the entry

and then transfer it to the other couple:

This method of creating the same entry on multiple profiles can be used to copy an entry from the couple profile to the individual profiles as well.


Quite a bit of extra workaround to get the information onto all the involved individual profiles.

If you have other questions about how to manage couples or group bookings in your practice just let us know!