Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Adding a New Patient

Adding new patients to Jane is a snap. Simply go to the “Patients” tab in your top blue bar, click on “New Patient” towards the bottom left and complete the form.

Quick note: the term “patient” is customizable, so your account may say something different in the top blue bar

  • First Name and Last Name (required)
  • Email Address
  • Basic Contact Info
  • Reminder & Notification Preferences - If the patient would like appointment reminders via SMS or email.
  • Referral Info - If the patient has been referred to the clinic or a specific practitioner.
  • Marketing - Allows the patient to opt in to receiving marketing emails from your clinic

Saving & Sending a Welcome Email

Once you have entered all of the patient’s information you can save their profile. If you have entered an email address, click the “Save & Send Welcome Email” button. This will send the patient an email, which gives them access to Jane’s online booking site.

If you’re looking to customize the information provided by patients when creating their own profile online, head on over to our guide here for some help: Customizable Patient Sign Up Form Guide