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Family Bookings

At first you thought Joe accidentally booked himself in twice today, but it turns out the second appointment is for Joe’s wife.

Handling bookings for families can be a bit tricky! The main reason each individual needs a unique profile is for medical charting; Jane needs to make sure that all users are unique so that patient charts and insurance billing information can be obviously connected to the right patient.

When I’m talking to families who book all their people in, this is what I tend to recommend:

  1. You can use the same family email address on all accounts.
  2. You can use the same password on all accounts
  3. You need to use a UNIQUE USERNAME on each account (joesmith, jacksmith, janesmith)

And when someone uses their email address as a username it can cause some confusion.

You can see current usernames set on an account by looking in their patient profile.

If it’s currently set to an email address and the client wants to change it, they can do so in their “My Account” area by heading to the Username/Password tab.

Then when booking appointments you can log out and in with the correct account and the only thing they need to remember is the UNIQUE USERNAMES. The password can be the same.

If you already have the family in your client list, it’s a good idea to send them out the welcome email to each account so they get a link to click on, where they can set up these unique usernames.

They will have to pay attention to who is listed on the email that you sent out so they know which username to enter.