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Send Email to All Patients

Needing to send an email to all of your patients? You will have to use a program like MailChimp, but don’t worry.

It’s pretty snappy to set up.

You will just need to manually import your full patient list into MailChimp. And to clarify, Jane has a built-in integration to keep your marketing email list sync’d with MailChimp, but Jane doesn’t actually send these emails, MailChimp does. (The one exception here is that when you first start up your Jane account, Jane indeed will send one email to welcome your patients and prompt them to sign up on the patient/client side. But other than that, all mass emails that go to your entire client list and that are not appointment reminders/notifications, must be done via MailChimp). :)

Please note that you should be careful that you’re operating in accordance with the applicable anti-spam legislation if you are going to do this.

If you need help connecting your Jane account to MailChimp, we’ve got a handy Guide that can help you with the steps and just generally understanding more about our integration with MailChimp: MailChimp.

Happy emailing, and let us know if you have any questions on this!