Jane Guide.

Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Creating a Patient Claim

 To create a patient claim, here are the steps to take:

  • Search for your patient under the Patient tab.

  • Go into their Billing (1) > Claims (2) > and click New Claim (3)

  • Give the claim a name – this is internal and should be useful in identifying the claim.

  • The only mandatory information is the Claim Number.  For insurers who don’t use claim numbers, you can use the patient PHN or another identifier.

  • Enter any other information you’d like to record or track on the claim.  You can always return to this later to fill in more details.

  • You can enter default billing codes here, if appropriate. For claims where you bill more than one item or area of treatment, you can see under all the codes you’ve added “Add Additional Billing Codes.” This allows you to add on as many billing items as you’re needing. And you can also “Add Diagnosis” and “Add Modifier.”

  • All of these will automatically load when you book an appointment under this claim.  Remember that the initial visit is considered the first visit for this patient in Jane.  So if you are moving over a claim that has been billed on another system, you should bill the subsequent visit code in the Initial Visit Billing Codes area.  If you’re billing to a paper insurer who covers 100% of the cost of the treatment, you can leave these Billing Code fields blank. 

  • Then click Save and you’re all set. The claim will now show up under the patient’s Claims area.