Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Booking an Insured Visit

Whenever you book an appointment, you’ll be given the option to use any open insurance claims for that patient. 

  • If the patient doesn’t have their insurance claim set up yet, or you need to add the insurer after the visit is booked and billing and diagnosis codes are added, open the “Insurance Info” in the Appointment Pane.  

Add the billing codes and diagnosis codes if you have not already.

  • Next, click the “Add Claim” button and either choose the claim or create a new one by clicking on “Add New Claim.” 

(See Creating an Insurer and Creating a Patient Claim for help creating a new claim).

You can open up the “Insurance Info” area again to confirm or edit the billing codes and associated with this claim.

Pro Tip: By default Jane it set up for the clinic to receive the payment from the 3rd party. If you’d like to courtesy bill for your client, this can be manually changed by clicking the flower on the appointment panel and changing this setting to Patient Pre-Pay. To enable patient pre-pay by default, give us a shout and we can set that up.