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Importing from Jane :)

If you’re looking to import from another Jane account (if you are switching clinics or opening something on your own) we can move over your Patient List, Appointments and Chart Entries (products and patient claims are possible with caveats)

This info moves over as a copy - so nothing is deleted or removed from the original account.

Data Ownership

First a quick note on ownership.

In Jane’s eyes, every Jane Primary Account Holder is the one who “owns” the Jane data.

It is completely up to the current account holder as to whether you release that data to your practitioner who is leaving, and the legality and details of chart ownership is something that differs widely by discipline, clinic, country and contract.

Ensuring that everyone is on the same page when data is transferred is of top priority, so that informs our procedure below.

Transferring Charts

When transferring we will do the migration on our end, so there’s no export process needed.

You will need to contact us at support@janeapp.com to start the process and request the “Chart Transfer Authorisation Form”. The form needs to be completed and signed by both account owners and practitioners (whose charts will be transferred) for us to gain the authorisation to copy over the relevant charts.

If you transfer charts it is just those authored by the practitioner. So even if you share patients only those entries authored by the practitioner requested will transfer.

The health questionnaire from the intake forms will be included (Any intake forms specifically associated to another practitioner will not be transferred.) Any uploads done by the admin staff for that practitioners patients will also transfer if authorised.

Nothing authored by any other practitioner will transfer and again, no entries will be deleted or removed from the original account. Everything is only copied.

Exporting Charts

If you are just looking to export your charts as a batch, and not for immediate transfer to another Jane account, we would again ask that the original account owner contacts us at support@janeapp.com.

We can provide a one time batch export of charts that includes all chart entries in clearly labelled PDFs and an excel file that matches up all the chart entries to the correct Jane Patient Profile. This format is both easily accessed without any special proprietary software, and is also simple to import into a different clinic management software.

Exporting Patient List from Original Account

If you also want to transfer patient profile data, you will need to run and export the Patient List report in the old account. This is accessible by those with a Full Access Staff Profile. Patient List can be exported to excel from the Reports tab. The report can filtered by practitioner to provide just clients seen by a certain practitioner.

Once filtered appropriately use the Export button to create an excel file. Save this excel file for upload to the new Jane account (see below).

Note The excel file when exported contains more fields than is viewable in the preview mode. Jane will export every field from the patient profile and also includes a first and last visit field.

Exporting Appointments from Original Account

Appointments can be exported from this same Reports area. This can be filtered in the same way down to a single practitioner and a date range to include past and future appointments if appropriate.

Export to excel in the same way as with the patient profile. Save this file in excel for upload to the new Jane Account.

For Products and Patient Claims - you can also run and export the inventory and claims reports for transfer. It’s important to note however that these two reports will contain clinic wide information and cannot be filtered by practitioner. You will have to manually remove any data you don’t want transferred from the exported reports.

Importing Patients and Appointments to New Jane Account

To ensure that your data is uploaded to the correct account, and for security reasons, we do not accept patient data via email. You can upload the files to us in the Settings > Schedule an Import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import

If you have any further questions about any of this please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help you!