Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Gift Cards/Certificates Overview

Jane’s gift card system allows your clinic to manage both one time (paper) gift certificates and reusable (plastic) gift cards.

Enabling or Disabling Gift Cards

If you have Full Access permission, you can enable or disable the gift cards system in the Settings area under Billing Settings. Disabling gift cards will hide any mention of gift cards in Jane, so you don’t have to look at a feature that you’re not using.

How to Load and Reload a Gift Card

If you have plastic gift cards or gift cards already generated in Jane, you can load or reload them anytime. Learn more about Loading or Creating a Gift Card or Reloading an Existing Gift Card in our handy guides.

If you would like to load or reload a gift card from a credit on file, you can check out our handy guide, Loading a Gift Card Using a Credit on File, for step by step instructions.

How to Redeem a Gift Card

You can redeem a gift card any time you are receiving a payment. Get our step by step instructions for Redeeming a Gift Card in Jane.

What About Gift Certificates?

You don’t need fancy plastic Starbucks-style gift cards to use Jane’s gift cards feature. You can simply issue a paper gift certificate that can be tracked and redeemed just like a gift card. Jane will even generate a unique number for you to write on the gift certificate. See the How to Create a Gift Certificate page for instructions.

Checking a Gift Card Balance

If you know the card number, head to the Billing tab, then select Gift Cards from the menu on the left. Enter the gift card number and a gift card pane will open showing you the balance and a log of all activity for that gift card.

Looking Up a Patient’s Gift Cards

Click the Billing tab on a patient profile, then the Gift Cards tab. You will see a list of gift cards that this patient has either loaded money onto or redeemed money from. Click View to see all activity for a gift card.

Transfer a Gift Card Balance

Sometimes a patient wants to share their gift card with a family member or spouse. In this case, you have two choices for transferring the balance.

  1. Redeem the gift card at the time of purchase. Learn more about Redeeming Gift Cards in our guide.

  2. Transfer the balance from the gift card to a patient’s profile. You’ll want to see our guide on Transferring a Gift Card Balance.

Refunding or Deleting a Gift Card

Perhaps your patient is moving and you want to extend a refund or maybe you created a Gift Card in error, we have you covered. See our guide on Refunding and Deleting a Gift Card.

How are Gift Cards Accounted For?

When you load a gift card, it is not the same thing as selling a product. Payment is accepted from the patient and transferred to the gift card. This payment will show up in your Transaction reports for the date of the payment, but it will not yet be counted as revenue. The balance on the gift card will be considered the same way as an account credit in your financial reporting. We recommend treating the balance in your accounting system as a long term liability.

When gift cards are redeemed, the amount redeemed is then considered revenue on the date of redemption and will appear in sales and cash-based compensation reports.

It’s important to note that loading a gift card is not considered a Purchase in Jane. It will not show up in purchase lists because nothing is actually being sold. It’s simply a transfer of money from a patient’s payment to a gift card. And it remains a long-term liability or credit until the gift card is used.

Setting a Maximum Gift Card Dollar Amount

If you want to limit the amount of money that can be loaded onto a gift card, you can set this in the Settings, under Billing Settings.

Ordering Gift Cards & USB Swipers

Here are Some Tips on ordering gift cards and buying a USB swiper for your computer.