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Chapter 1: Schedule

Jane University: Front Desk Staff Training

Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. 

At Jane University, we want to take the guesswork out of learning Jane!

We designed our front desk training to take you on a structured learning tour. Why? Well, we talk a lot here about “Jane’s heart,” and one of our customers recently said that she felt like the Jane team was here to care for her as she cares for her patients. We really loved hearing that because we want to be to you what you are to your patients: a helper, a cheerleader and a champion of success. This course is here to take you through Jane in a clear and step-by-step manner. Our goal is to help you learn all of Jane’s basic features so you can get started as a Jane administrator with confidence!

We hope you enjoy working with Jane as much as we do.

Pro Tip: We recommend heading over to Jane’s Demo Clinic to practice as you learn! Contact us to request access.

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Schedule

The schedule is one of the features you’ll probably use the most in Jane — but never fear, we’ve designed it to be super easy to use. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to navigate the schedule, details of the appointment side panel, working with appointments, and the practitioner wait list.

Start by Learning How to Navigate the Schedule:

Watch this video to explore the basic navigation buttons, how to configure your display settings, as well as how to create a custom view of practitioners on a single page.

Practitioner List

In the video above, we covered where you can find the practitioner list on the main Schedule.

This list shows all practitioners for a particular clinic location. Practitioners currently being displayed in the schedule are highlighted in blue on the left.

Hovering over a practitioner name will reveal buttons to toggle the practitioner in the schedule and to display the practitioner’s profile.

Clicking a practitioner name will show a list of treatments offered by that practitioner.

QUICK ACTIVITY: At the Demo Clinic, practitioner Jo-Ellen’s patient has just finished her appointment and would like to re-book. Head over to the Jane Demo Clinic and view the Schedule for The Village location. Navigate to view Jo-Ellen’s weekly schedule. Use the next arrow to view her availability for the next two weeks. Find the “Go To Date” button and skip ahead 3 months. Click “Staff Today” to bring yourself back to today’s date.

As you work through this material, you can also take the quizzes we’ve cooked up to help your learning process. Here’s the first one:

Quiz Yo’self - Chapter 1, Quiz 1

Booking an Appointment:

As a front-desk staff member, you can create a new appointment by going to the Schedule view, and clicking on an available time on the desired day.

Watch the quick video below to learn how to book an appointment in 3 easy steps:

Pro Tip: You can use the magnifying glass to turn all available appointments bright orange on the schedule! We love this feature as it makes it easy to see free time slots for booking.

QUICK ACTIVITY: Your existing patient Lily Gagnon is calling. She would like to book a 60-Minute Massage in the first available spot. Head over the to Jane Demo Clinic and book the appointment for Lily!

Patient Arrivals & No Shows:

When a patient arrives — or fails to arrive — for an appointment, you can set their appointment’s status to “Arrived” or “No Show.” This automatically creates an invoice for the appointment, and it tells practitioners at a glance when their next patient has arrived. Here’s the lowdown:

When you click an appointment on the Schedule view, the Appointment pane will appear on the right.

The “Arrived” and “No Show” buttons are at the top of the Appointment pane. Click either button to set the status of the appointment.

You can undo this at any time by clicking the same button again. Or, to change a “No Show” to “Arrived,” simply click the “Arrived” button — or vice versa.

Appointments marked as “Arrived” will appear green in the Schedule view. “No Show” appointments will be red(ish).

QUICK ACTIVITY: Head over to the Jane Demo Clinic. Click the “Schedule” tab to view the main schedule. Find an appointment on the schedule and mark the patient as “Arrived.” Next, find a new appointment on the schedule and mark the patient as a “No Show.”

Creating Appointment Notes

Notes only show up internally in Jane. So notes you put on an appointment, patient, profile, invoice or anywhere else with a section called “notes” is only administrative.

In our next video, we’ll cover how to create a new administrative appointment note. If you have any notes that you want to stay “sticky” to a patient, Jane has a special star system.

Watch how to create appointments notes in the quick video below:

QUICK ACTIVITY: A patient scheduled for this afternoon has emailed to let you know that she will be running 5 mins late for her appointment. Head over to the Jane Demo Clinic and create a new appointment note with this information!

Tasks or To Dos

Front desk staff are always doing a million things at once, so the Tasks area in Jane is the perfect spot to help you stay organized! Tasks help you to track and assign to-do items.

A task might be a helpful reminder of a payment that needs processing, a progess report to be sent off, or even a product order that needs to be placed.

In our next video, you’ll learn how you can create and manage Tasks in Jane:

Breaks, Personal Time and Holidays

Well, I guess you can’t work all the time!

If you need to block off time on a staff member’s schedule, you can use Jane’s Breaks feature.

Breaks are perfect for blocking off Holidays, personal time, and even great for administrative reminders. Watch the video below to learn how to you can use Jane’s break feature:

Here are a few additional tips on using Breaks:

A Floating Lunch Break

While a consistent break is best managed by booking multiple shifts, if you have a lunch break that might move based on when your patients want to come in, you could use a break. These breaks can be dragged to reschedule them much like appointments.

Block off Part of the Day

Sometimes you want the afternoon to book up first before the morning is opened up. Here’s how that might look:


If you’re taking time off, you can use the break to cover the entire shift. I like this because then everyone on the administrative side of the schedule knows why the shift isn’t available. You can also add notes, such as who might be covering that shift.

Administrative Notes

The final reason we sometimes use Breaks in Jane is to remind staff or practitioners of administrative tasks that need to be performed. I recommend setting your administrative schedule to start an hour before your first appointment to leave room for this type of break.

Then, when that staff member logs in for their day it would look like this:

Testing, Testing! - Chapter 1, Quiz 2

Pro Tip: Jane loves to be efficient! Check out the available schedule keyboard short cuts.

Staff Favourite: View the next # of upcoming days by clicking keyboard numbers 1-7 

You’re amazing! You’ve completed Chapter 1. Next up, Chapter 2.

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