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Supervisor Sign Off

With many clinics working with practicum students, or practitioners who haven’t received their full license yet, we’d like to share two options to have the supervising practitioner record notes and sign off on those chart entries.

Option 1

The first option is to add a “Supervisor Sign off Template” to the patients charting area, after the treating practitioner has completed their notes.

There is a “Supervisor Sign off Template” in the Template Library, but if you’d like to create your own please see our guide on Creating Chart Templates.

After the staff have completed their charts, add the “Supervisor Sign Off” template as a new entry separate from the treatment notes.

Either the supervisor themselves can add the template, or the staff can add the template and assign that entry to the supervisor.

The Supervisor can note which charts they are signing off on, and add notes about their review.

The therapist, once done, can sign the chart by selecting the blue “Sign” button.

Option 2

Many mental health clinics will use the Practitioner (Limited) access level for both the treating practitioner and Supervisor at the clinic. This means that staff will be limited to seeing only those clients’ charts with whom they’ve had an appointment; either in the past or for future visits.

With this access level in mind, how might we go about sharing chart entries with a Supervisor, for their notes, review & sign-off?

First, the treating practitioner will want to add the Supervising Therapist to their chart privacy settings.

Next, the Supervising Therapist will want to book that same client into their schedule into the past. The Supervising Therapist will need the client’s first name, last name and either their phone number OR email in order for Jane to recognize the client as an existing client.

Note: Booking an appointment in the past will ensure that the Supervising Therapist gains access to the client’s charts, and no booking notifications will be sent to the client.

Excellent - you are almost at the finish line! Now, it’s time to put things into action.

The treating practitioner can now:

  1. Create their chart within the client’s account;
  2. Manually sign the chart within Jane’s custom signature box from the Chart Template Library (see below for details);
  3. Reassign the chart to the Supervising Therapist so that they can now be viewed by the Supervising therapist within the client’s profile
  4. The Supervising Therapist can then review, make notes, and officially sign the chart!

Where Can I Find Jane’s Signature Box?:

To find Jane’s signature box, the practitioner can click into their staff profile and select Template Library:

Then, search for signature template in the “Other” category:

Once added, this nifty signature box can be used as a “chart part” for future charts!