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Refunding a Product/Inventory Purchase

This article refers to Refunding an Inventory Item.

If you’re looking to refund an appointment check out this article.

To fix a payment taken or applied in error, see this one.

If you’re looking to refund an inventory or product purchase, there’s a two step work flow.

1. Reverse the Purchase

Head to the “Patient Tab”, find the patient and then proceed to the “Billing” tab. On the Purchase tab find the inventory sale and then click the drop down menu beside the “View.”

Click the “Refund Purchase” button to let Jane know the product is being refunded.

This tells Jane to disconnect the payment from this product. The payment will now be available as a credit on the patient’s account. This step removes the sale as a negative transaction from the practitioner’s compensation report if you’re using the Collected option, but does NOT create a refund on your Transaction Report, since at this point the patient has not been given any money back. The patient can either use this credit against future appointments/sales or you can refund using the second step below.

Pro Tip: If the product was invoiced erroneously and no payment has been applied yet, select Delete Purchase instead to remove it from the patient’s account without creating a refund activity line.

2. Refund the Money

Head over to the Payments tab. Find the payment that was used to pay for the inventory purchase. It should now have a Balance Remaining Total. Click on the “View” button to see the payment details and look for the “Issue Refund” button on the right.  

The refund will be processed on the same payment method by which the payment was received. If you want to make a change to the refund method (ie you received the payment by Visa but would like to refund it by Cheque), you can view the Refund payment line once it is created and change the refund method. If the payment was taken using the integrated Jane payments you can only refund by the same method as the payment was initially received.

This refund will now display on the corresponding practitioner’s Compensation report as well as the Transaction report for that day. Unapplying the payment will take the payment off of the Compensation report while processing the refund will create a negative transaction on the Transaction report.

To double check dates just “View” both the Purchase and the Payment to see the dates that will be reported